So Many Reasons to Stay Happy: My Journey

On women’s day I would like to share my story.

From my childhood I wanted to become a Star, an actress . I did movies as child star as well … I belong to Syed family . All my cousins did matric and got married because they use to say “Ghar ki aurton sy nokeriayan thori  karwani hein” but my father helped me persuade my dreams. He fought  with my grandparents and let me fulfill  my dreams and became my backbone.

But I always wanted to have this perfect life always wanted to settle down at the same time. Have my own house kids and act like a perfect wife. But as it is said “Har kisi ko mukamal  jahan  nahi milta” I had this urge to prove everyone that I am this normal women. But the fact is artists are never normal, They are above normal. That’s what make them artist right?
Any way to cut the long story short I worked hard on both sides of my life professional & personal.
Family always comes first to me. I was successful  in my profession but never succeed in my personal life. No matter how hard I tried but maybe this was written in my Fate :(.

People made fun of me but I kept on trying . (Oh SHE Got married again) but they never realised that every time (race against time phrase) I was trying to live a peacefull life. But unfortunately I couldn’t live a lie. I feel if you can’t be loyal to eachother and cheat even after getting married then whats the point? Buhat samjhaya khud ko but samjh nai aya. Ke kaisy log nikah kar ke bhi galat karty hein? Why u do nikah ? Or shaadi just (just in case meaning) for society or Allah ki raza ke liye. Any way I can go on & on this.  Everyone always took me wrong. But Alhamdullilah  after all these ups & down in life I still managed to smile and spread love. So after all these years searching for someone else.  I found out it was always me. I have been chosen to inspire  people, give them hope and strength.  So here I am fighting  my fears and standing up against all the odds and surviving all alone.
Ah!! wait.. I am not alone; my daughter my sister and my mother they are with me. Four women in the house. So HAPPY WOMEN’s day once again. There is nothing a women cannot do. Just Believe on “Nothing is impossible”. Cheers!!

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