Love: A Question Mark

Lately I have realized all my life I believed in love (fall in love synonym) and trusted everyone. But there is no love left in this world.
Only pure and unconditional love is love from your parents the rest is just (just in case meaning) fake. When u love someone  you don’t cheat them, you respect  the other person and anything related  to them.

I have been cheated  betrayed so many times that my heart stopped  believing in love anymore.
Sirf adat  ko pyar samjhty hein hum. It’s better to stay out of a bad relationship or marriage than dragging the relation.

I might sound different and rude. But what is the point if you don’t love someone and can’t be loyal to them. Then just set them free. Don’t hurt anyone.
To the all men out there stop hurting women and disrespecting them.

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