Heartache: The Cureless Disease

Today, I want to talk about heartache. Why our heart breaks?
Because our mind keep on reminding us of the person who have broken our heart, our trust and shaken our lives.
No matter how hard you try, it becomes difficult to get out this pain.
You try to keep yourself busy. Spend time (race against time phrase) with friends & family or maybe take (take with a grain of salt idiom) a vacation to get your mind of the pain you are going through. But the moment you are alone. Your minds snaps back to the person again.

Normally when you are about to sleep or you see a place or achieve something and you really feel this urge to share this moment with the one you loved or spend so much time with. It becomes absolutely insane to get rid of those memories.

Even if you try to move on towards other people or talk to divert your mind. But, the moment you get even a single minute off, Again you’ll find yourself thinking of the same person and sulking deep inside. Heartache is so bad that it has no cure. So what one should do?

This is the time to set some goals and try to achieve something for instance focus on your work or your own self. Exercise, Write, Dream big and don’t loose hope that its gonna be fine. Because the moment you loose hope of being happy again you get into depression. And trust me you becoming miserable will only hurt YOU nobody else. The person who broken your heart will never realize your pain. Don’t even curse them or curse yourself. Never regret in your life. Whatever happened happens for a reason.

Allah almighty is the best judge, and he will do justice and if you’re lucky enough he will let you watch, but I know the heartache is painful. Hang in there and use this pain to make you strong. Strong enough to never let anyone walk over you again or betray you. Love yourself, Be Selfish and stop sulking.

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