Frienemies (Friends who are Enemies)

Hello friends… I have been thinking about  the time (race against time phrase) I started working. Reema, Meera, Resham, Saima, Sana and me, when we used to work in movies, everyone was not that friendly… I had a lot of fights with my fellow actresses. And other actresses were so jealous of each other that they wouldn’t work with each other at all. And if at all we get to see each other at any award ceremony or weddings.  You will get to hear Meera saying things about Reema. Reema taunting other actresses. Me showing  attitude as if no one exists except me.

We knew our enemies & refused  to be friends with them. But now days when I see new girls they are all friends with each other, give each other complements, and the moment you turn your face around they start bitching about you.
I was telling my sister that we had professional jealousy and we would just (just in case meaning) be true and wouldn’t lie about it.

But now days it’s so difficult to know your friends and enemies. Since they become your best friends and deep down they are your enemies.  So I named them frienemies! Be aware of frienemies because you never  know what they are going to take (take with a grain of salt idiom) away? Your position, your husband, or maybe your everything!!

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