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Pre-Planned Awards in Pakistan

Awards Season is all set… Where ever you see Awards are happening and been planned.
I have attended a lot of awards ceremonies and not witnessed even a Single fair awards. I have been working in the industry for more than a decade now. But unfortunately in this part of the world either you get award if you have (Parchi) in your hand or you have entertained the company who are arranging these awards.

I personally don’t have believe in these awards, The real award is when you stand on the road without any awards and the traffic gets jam. When you don’t have to show your I’d card you & your face is your identity. That’s what real award is.

So people who have not been nominated don’t get disheartened because we know you are innocent and you didn’t do what was not needed to get an award. So a big applause for those who didn’t got nominated this year too, You guys are fantastic 😉

So let these award juries decide whatever they are comfortable with. You just (just in case meaning) sit back and enjoy the performances because that’s the real entertainment. And that’s the only reason these awards being held.

More Truth can’t be handled, I have already said too Much 😉


A Conversation With Finance Minister of Punjab

Well! I did a show today on 92 channel celebrating Women’s day. And was pleasantly surprised to know that the finance minister of Punjab is a Woman.
I asked her that we are paying 17 percent of tax and in return what are the facilities that we get? She said: I think we should stay on the topic of women’s day during the Live transmission.
In the West if people pay taxes, they get Free Medical, Free Education & many other basic necessities of life. But what are we are getting in return ? When we are paying 17% tax on everything we buy or eat. Then I asked if you could please pass a bill so we can get some budget from government to make movies that Can Show a Positive Image of Pakistan? The answer to that was:

Why don’t you go and ask the multinational companies they have a lot of money they can invest?

So did she try to say that Punjab Government doesn’t have money to invest in movies or anything productive which can show a softer image of Pakistan ? Hmmmm Let’s Just Keep on Making Flyovers but not anything to show a softer image of Pakistan to the world. 😉