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What’s the purpose of Life?

Its been a while since I wrote anything, A-lot of things were going in my life. All my life I thought I was on the right track, I have a talent and my intentions are good and I am working towards my goals.
But there was always a calling from inside that who am I? What is the purpose of my life? I always use to see and feel that one day I will change suddenly.

I started reading and understanding Quran with Urdu Translation in Ramadan.
And started understanding our religion a little more than I use to.

I was in so much pain from past few months and when the divorce finalized all the media & people said whatever they could for me.

I was really upset and I turned towards Allah. And can’t thank Allah enough that he showed me the Light of Hidayat.

We are so called Muslims.  We pray we give Zakat, But we don’t understand the true essence of Islam.
We say that we do follow Sunnah, but we don’t Apply that in our lives.

Our DEEN is the most beautiful religion in this world. And we are so blessed that we are born Muslim.
I will keep writing about Islam and whatever knowledge I will get will definitely keep sharing.

But for start just (just in case meaning) read Quran and try to understand what Allah wants from us?
And who we are and why we are here ?

Yeh dunya 4 din ka dhoka  hai asal zindagi marne ke baad hai. And what are we doing for akhrat?

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Humiliating a Woman Makes You Feel Superior?

Amazed to see the behavior of talk show Host’s towards a woman.
When it comes to their “So Called Entertainment” the host’s feel its their sole right to exploit a woman’s image, her career even personal life. Is it so easy?

I pity such people who despite being a part of an Islamic state and knowing the rights of women through “Surah Nisa” still treat her as nothing more then an object for humiliation?

I was told not to go on Dr. Amir Liaquat show after what he did to Meera…
But I personally liked him and followed him and I thought he wouldn’t insult me. But guess what ?

I was wrong and I saw that something comes in Dr. Sahib the minute camera goes on. I have had all the respect for you but making fun of me made you feel better? I cried for hours on your behavior.
May Allah bless you and your channel BOL.

– Noor

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Women are also Humans

Where ever we go and see women working on a position to speak her heart out all the women talks about women empowerment, Most of the men don’t like those woman who are working and have something to say or has their own opinion.

I took an interview of an MPA lately. Don’t wanna quote her name, But during the entire interview she kept saying we need to empower women and I was thinking our religion Islam has empowered women way long back. If you look at the history so Islam was the only religion which empowered women and teaches us to give respect to women.

Before the arrival of Islam they use to burry girls alive. In Hindu religion they use to do Sati. (Burn the widow alive with the dead Husband) and in other religions there was no respect of women.

But Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad  came and changed everything. His first wife Hazrat Khadija رضي الله عنه was the first female to convert into a Muslim, She was the biggest business women of that time (race against time phrase) and she sent the marriage proposal to Hazrat Muhammad herself.

When our religion even teaches us to respect women and empowered them. Then why still men feels threatened by empowering women? Or get intimidated by any women who is out spoken?

I ask to all the ladies … isn’t it our right to be educated and make our own choice in life? When men are giving so much power that they can leave a women any time? Cheat on them? Beat them so they don’t raise their voice? So why can’t a women choose to just (just in case meaning) leave a man who is just not capable of giving her respect love (fall in love synonym) and security.

Someone asked me that why you are not a compromising lady? Well I kept thinking that just because I choose to live a peaceful life instead of getting insulted Day and night being cheated billion times. And still forgave him just because I cared that Log Kya Kahain Gay? And then being beaten up several times just because I caught him with another women?

Am I not a compromising lady? For how long one can live in a relationship where you get humiliated 24 hours a day and 365 days a year…

Just because you are a working women and make more money then your man? We need to stop this we need to stop pointing fingers at women. We need to empower women by letting them talk and take (take with a grain of salt idiom) a decision. After all women are humans not sheep.

Both our Law & Religion gives us the right to choose what’s best for us.
So all the women out there be yourself and never never settle for less. You are special and you deserve to be treated like queens.

Much Love
– Noor

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Know the Importance of Your Mom on this Mother’s Day

Today I want to wish all the mothers who have raised their children so well, Happy Mother’s Day.
I was never close to my mom until I became a mother myself. I started loving my mother more and respecting her more because I realized How hard is being a MOM.. How difficult it is to wake up at the mid of the night and change diapers just (just in case meaning) because you care!
No matter how tired or exhausted you are you have to take (take with a grain of salt idiom) care of your child. Wake up with them make them food and if your kid is not well.. Oh My God.. that’s a pain I can’t even explain.

It’s really Hard being a MOM Because since the day a women gets pregnant her duty as a mother starts and she never takes a leave till the day she is dead. She is always there no matter how old you are or how many mistakes you have made. She is the one who is always praying for you even if you have hurt her in any way. Mothers are amazing.

I use to think that mama didn’t know that I lied to her. But when I am seeing my own daughter growing up I understood my mom knew all my moves because she have seen me grow. Maybe looked at me for hours when I was a baby or even grown up.

Only a women can feel this intense love. Men can’t because they don’t give birth.

Well I can write so much about being a mom and about my mom. But the bottom line is “Agar Rab ko Raazi Karna hai to apni MAA ki Raazi Rakho.” Love her the way she loved you. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful ladies out there, Love & Respect your parents and the world will be your oyster.

Otherwise we all are aware of that Jisne MAA ko Sataya usne RICKSHAW Chalaya 😉 😉.

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Isn’t it RACISM ?

Now a days I am really asking way too many questions to myself…

Recently I was shooting for my debut music video as an Director Guzray Pal, Was travelling From Kalarkahar to Lahore by Motor Way, I stopped at a station and to my surprise there were Executive Washrooms where You pay 50 bucks and get to use those Executive Washrooms. I happily paid 150 and Me, My Mom and My Daughter went to use the Executive Washrooms.
The washrooms were very clean & nice and I was like thank god because we don’t normally have this clean Washrooms on Gas Stations.

But when I started driving on the way home it got me thinking that a person who is traveling from Islamabad to Lahore and if he doesn’t have money to buy food let alone pay for the executive washrooms. What he must be thinking at that point?

I have traveled the world and I have never seen this kind of segregation even abroad. Why in our own country? Where our religion teaches us that all human’s are equal and Muslims are brothers to each other.

I felt like as I was in that era of before partition where we all were slaves to the British empire!
Are we slaves now to our own executive class? Seriously where are we going ? Who are we following ?
May Allah bless our country.. Let’s stop racism between the classes!

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Sympathy or Apathy ?

These days if you’re going through rough time (race against time phrase) of your life every one will call and say hey I heard this happened to you, So are you OK? Basically they want to Entertain themselves & want spice for their gossip time. Not all of them but yes most of them, I understand friends do care and family as well but at times you just (just in case meaning) want to forget everything and that one call takes you back in the same situation where you dragged yourself out after a lot of efforts.
I wonder when we are happy why no one ask why you’re happy? Share with us? We also want to be happy in your happiness, If you want to become sympathetic you should have been there for my happiness as well.
When someone is going through a bad phase, everything seems dull and tasteless so to all the people be kind but don’t try to poke your nose into someone’s personal life.
I wish happiness for every one & pray that every one gets peace and stop being sympathetic to me.

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Another Turning Point in Life: I am Divorced Again

Before everyone starts blaming me and putting news that I am divorce again and laugh on my tragedy.

I want to say that please don’t make assumptions, No women wants to be divorced or decided to leave a marriage unless circumstances become so difficult to live together.
I don’t want to go into details but all I can say is that I tried my best for four years to sustain this relationship just (just in case meaning) because I was too scared of getting divorced again. I am even paranoid from this word, but I guess “Meri qismat mai apne Ghar ka Sukh hai hi nahi. I had promised myself that mera janaza nikly ga par main nahi niklun gi apny husband ke Ghar se”

Anyway to cut the long story short I am in pain, in too much pain and I would really appreciate if you all don’t judge me please.

Our Society never blame the men and the women is to blame for a broken marriage. But my Allah knows the reality and I am only answerable to him.

All my prayers are with Wali, best wishes for him. He is a good human being maybe I am not good enough for him.
So yes before all of you laugh on my misery I am divorced again. 🙁


Heartache: The Cureless Disease

Today, I want to talk about heartache. Why our heart breaks?
Because our mind keep on reminding us of the person who have broken our heart, our trust and shaken our lives.
No matter how hard you try, it becomes difficult to get out this pain.
You try to keep yourself busy. Spend time (race against time phrase) with friends & family or maybe take (take with a grain of salt idiom) a vacation to get your mind of the pain you are going through. But the moment you are alone. Your minds snaps back to the person again.

Normally when you are about to sleep or you see a place or achieve something and you really feel this urge to share this moment with the one you loved or spend so much time with. It becomes absolutely insane to get rid of those memories.

Even if you try to move on towards other people or talk to divert your mind. But, the moment you get even a single minute off, Again you’ll find yourself thinking of the same person and sulking deep inside. Heartache is so bad that it has no cure. So what one should do?

This is the time to set some goals and try to achieve something for instance focus on your work or your own self. Exercise, Write, Dream big and don’t loose hope that its gonna be fine. Because the moment you loose hope of being happy again you get into depression. And trust me you becoming miserable will only hurt YOU nobody else. The person who broken your heart will never realize your pain. Don’t even curse them or curse yourself. Never regret in your life. Whatever happened happens for a reason.

Allah almighty is the best judge, and he will do justice and if you’re lucky enough he will let you watch, but I know the heartache is painful. Hang in there and use this pain to make you strong. Strong enough to never let anyone walk over you again or betray you. Love yourself, Be Selfish and stop sulking.

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Zindagi Taiz Buhat Taiz Chali Ho Jaisy

I was travelling to Murree  from Lahore and on motorway I kept thinking our life is like motorway but with a lot of speed breakers & zigzag roads.
Different cars come & goes but road stays still. Like motorway there are no U turns, There are no U turns in life.
You just (just in case meaning) have to keep going ahead. No mater how the road is or how bumpy the ride is you just keep moving forward.

Because Zindagi Buhat Taiz Guzar Rahi Hai.


Frienemies (Friends who are Enemies)

Hello friends… I have been thinking about  the time (race against time phrase) I started working. Reema, Meera, Resham, Saima, Sana and me, when we used to work in movies, everyone was not that friendly… I had a lot of fights with my fellow actresses. And other actresses were so jealous of each other that they wouldn’t work with each other at all. And if at all we get to see each other at any award ceremony or weddings.  You will get to hear Meera saying things about Reema. Reema taunting other actresses. Me showing  attitude as if no one exists except me.

We knew our enemies & refused  to be friends with them. But now days when I see new girls they are all friends with each other, give each other complements, and the moment you turn your face around they start bitching about you.
I was telling my sister that we had professional jealousy and we would just (just in case meaning) be true and wouldn’t lie about it.

But now days it’s so difficult to know your friends and enemies. Since they become your best friends and deep down they are your enemies.  So I named them frienemies! Be aware of frienemies because you never  know what they are going to take (take with a grain of salt idiom) away? Your position, your husband, or maybe your everything!!