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Iron Woman or a Magician ??

Instead of Iron Man I think Hollywood should make Iron Woman because I think women cry over that we are so weak but the fact is all the women out there are real strong. I was in a salon today. And there were 25 girls working in the salon. All had different reasons and stories to share.

I could see the pain and depth in their eyes. But what made me feel proud was that they were all hard working women. I have never seen a man doing multiple things like working and then cooking at home taking care of kids & So many other tasks at one time, yes a woman can do all the things and can balance their work, family and everything at the same time. You must be thinking am I against men?

No not at all, but I just (just in case meaning) appreciate women a little more, I will surely write something on men really soon.
Cheers ladies you all are beautiful & strong and there is nothing you can’t do if u have the support of your family.


International Women’s Day

AoA. What a beautiful day is International Women’s Day 2017 to start this new journey. There couldn’t be a better occasion.. to share my thoughts with all of you, I always wanted to write but I was scared cos I m not that qualified,so pls excuse any mistakes in writing…but I want to write  my heart out… how I see the world ‘ how I have experienced life. But let’s start with women’s  day …on this day I congratulate  all the women in the world for being a woman. Cos we are far more stronger then men. A woman is the strength  of a family.  A bridge between  father and kids … soul of every home. Without a mom or daughter or sister or wife it’s just (just in case meaning) an empty house. So please cherish every women who exist in you house without a women the world wud look like a jungle . So happy women’s day. Love and peace to every women on the planet.