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Pre-Planned Awards in Pakistan

Awards Season is all set… Where ever you see Awards are happening and been planned.
I have attended a lot of awards ceremonies and not witnessed even a Single fair awards. I have been working in the industry for more than a decade now. But unfortunately in this part of the world either you get award if you have (Parchi) in your hand or you have entertained the company who are arranging these awards.

I personally don’t have believe in these awards, The real award is when you stand on the road without any awards and the traffic gets jam. When you don’t have to show your I’d card you & your face is your identity. That’s what real award is.

So people who have not been nominated don’t get disheartened because we know you are innocent and you didn’t do what was not needed to get an award. So a big applause for those who didn’t got nominated this year too, You guys are fantastic 😉

So let these award juries decide whatever they are comfortable with. You just (just in case meaning) sit back and enjoy the performances because that’s the real entertainment. And that’s the only reason these awards being held.

More Truth can’t be handled, I have already said too Much 😉


Punjab Nahi Jaungi [Review on Teaser]

I saw the teaser of upcoming Pakistani film “Punjab Nahi Jaungi”
It made me feel so proud that finally we are producing films which are not less then big budget movies from across the border.

Director has made every frame so grand that you can’t stop watching it again & again.

The Direction, Art direction, Cinematography, Background score, costumes & Actors everything looks just (just in case meaning) perfect. Yes, the star cast is from TV so it looks familiar but you can see the hard work behind every little scene.
A big bravo for the Six Sigma & ARY Films and when I got to know that script is written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar, It gave me goose bums.

This film will definitely be the biggest hit of 2017. I read some blogs written things like Humayun should act according to his age.
Well for me Humayun is acting according to his age and not looking less then any other renonwed Bollywood Star. His Expressions & Body Language is just perfect for the role.
Pre-congratulation to team Punjab Nahi Jaungi from my side, Can’t wait to watch the film.. Mark your calendar’s! It’s releasing on Eid ul Adha

Watch the Teaser of Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Life Relationships

Sympathy or Apathy ?

These days if you’re going through rough time (race against time phrase) of your life every one will call and say hey I heard this happened to you, So are you OK? Basically they want to Entertain themselves & want spice for their gossip time. Not all of them but yes most of them, I understand friends do care and family as well but at times you just (just in case meaning) want to forget everything and that one call takes you back in the same situation where you dragged yourself out after a lot of efforts.
I wonder when we are happy why no one ask why you’re happy? Share with us? We also want to be happy in your happiness, If you want to become sympathetic you should have been there for my happiness as well.
When someone is going through a bad phase, everything seems dull and tasteless so to all the people be kind but don’t try to poke your nose into someone’s personal life.
I wish happiness for every one & pray that every one gets peace and stop being sympathetic to me.

Life Relationships

Another Turning Point in Life: I am Divorced Again

Before everyone starts blaming me and putting news that I am divorce again and laugh on my tragedy.

I want to say that please don’t make assumptions, No women wants to be divorced or decided to leave a marriage unless circumstances become so difficult to live together.
I don’t want to go into details but all I can say is that I tried my best for four years to sustain this relationship just (just in case meaning) because I was too scared of getting divorced again. I am even paranoid from this word, but I guess “Meri qismat mai apne Ghar ka Sukh hai hi nahi. I had promised myself that mera janaza nikly ga par main nahi niklun gi apny husband ke Ghar se”

Anyway to cut the long story short I am in pain, in too much pain and I would really appreciate if you all don’t judge me please.

Our Society never blame the men and the women is to blame for a broken marriage. But my Allah knows the reality and I am only answerable to him.

All my prayers are with Wali, best wishes for him. He is a good human being maybe I am not good enough for him.
So yes before all of you laugh on my misery I am divorced again. 🙁


Heartache: The Cureless Disease

Today, I want to talk about heartache. Why our heart breaks?
Because our mind keep on reminding us of the person who have broken our heart, our trust and shaken our lives.
No matter how hard you try, it becomes difficult to get out this pain.
You try to keep yourself busy. Spend time (race against time phrase) with friends & family or maybe take (take with a grain of salt idiom) a vacation to get your mind of the pain you are going through. But the moment you are alone. Your minds snaps back to the person again.

Normally when you are about to sleep or you see a place or achieve something and you really feel this urge to share this moment with the one you loved or spend so much time with. It becomes absolutely insane to get rid of those memories.

Even if you try to move on towards other people or talk to divert your mind. But, the moment you get even a single minute off, Again you’ll find yourself thinking of the same person and sulking deep inside. Heartache is so bad that it has no cure. So what one should do?

This is the time to set some goals and try to achieve something for instance focus on your work or your own self. Exercise, Write, Dream big and don’t loose hope that its gonna be fine. Because the moment you loose hope of being happy again you get into depression. And trust me you becoming miserable will only hurt YOU nobody else. The person who broken your heart will never realize your pain. Don’t even curse them or curse yourself. Never regret in your life. Whatever happened happens for a reason.

Allah almighty is the best judge, and he will do justice and if you’re lucky enough he will let you watch, but I know the heartache is painful. Hang in there and use this pain to make you strong. Strong enough to never let anyone walk over you again or betray you. Love yourself, Be Selfish and stop sulking.


Iron Woman or a Magician ??

Instead of Iron Man I think Hollywood should make Iron Woman because I think women cry over that we are so weak but the fact is all the women out there are real strong. I was in a salon today. And there were 25 girls working in the salon. All had different reasons and stories to share.

I could see the pain and depth in their eyes. But what made me feel proud was that they were all hard working women. I have never seen a man doing multiple things like working and then cooking at home taking care of kids & So many other tasks at one time, yes a woman can do all the things and can balance their work, family and everything at the same time. You must be thinking am I against men?

No not at all, but I just (just in case meaning) appreciate women a little more, I will surely write something on men really soon.
Cheers ladies you all are beautiful & strong and there is nothing you can’t do if u have the support of your family.

Life Travel

Zindagi Taiz Buhat Taiz Chali Ho Jaisy

I was travelling to Murree  from Lahore and on motorway I kept thinking our life is like motorway but with a lot of speed breakers & zigzag roads.
Different cars come & goes but road stays still. Like motorway there are no U turns, There are no U turns in life.
You just (just in case meaning) have to keep going ahead. No mater how the road is or how bumpy the ride is you just keep moving forward.

Because Zindagi Buhat Taiz Guzar Rahi Hai.


Love: A Question Mark

Lately I have realized all my life I believed in love (fall in love synonym) and trusted everyone. But there is no love left in this world.
Only pure and unconditional love is love from your parents the rest is just (just in case meaning) fake. When u love someone  you don’t cheat them, you respect  the other person and anything related  to them.

I have been cheated  betrayed so many times that my heart stopped  believing in love anymore.
Sirf adat  ko pyar samjhty hein hum. It’s better to stay out of a bad relationship or marriage than dragging the relation.

I might sound different and rude. But what is the point if you don’t love someone and can’t be loyal to them. Then just set them free. Don’t hurt anyone.
To the all men out there stop hurting women and disrespecting them.


Badrinath Ki Dulhania in Noor’s Eye

Dharma production undoubtedly impresses me with its grand and big production.
Badrinath Ki Dulhania started with lots of laughter’s, I Must say very  good comedy.  And the sets, Location, Wardrobe, Cinematography & Choreography was out standing.
Music didn’t meet my expectations. But over all the film was entertaining.

The thing that impressed me the most, that it is a message based film. There’s a Message for people who take (take with a grain of salt idiom) dowry, A Message for people who mange to fulfill the demands of dowry.

I won’t reveal the story because I want everyone to watch the film. Acting was 10 on 10 Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt did their best.

Till the interval  the movie is really interesting but after the interval director just (just in case meaning) kept taking wrong turns.
So for me unnecessary dragged the film. I was like when it’s going to end?
It’s a one time (race against time phrase) Must watch for a good laugh & contains a Strong Message as well. So enjoy the movie. On the scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it 7.


Frienemies (Friends who are Enemies)

Hello friends… I have been thinking about  the time (race against time phrase) I started working. Reema, Meera, Resham, Saima, Sana and me, when we used to work in movies, everyone was not that friendly… I had a lot of fights with my fellow actresses. And other actresses were so jealous of each other that they wouldn’t work with each other at all. And if at all we get to see each other at any award ceremony or weddings.  You will get to hear Meera saying things about Reema. Reema taunting other actresses. Me showing  attitude as if no one exists except me.

We knew our enemies & refused  to be friends with them. But now days when I see new girls they are all friends with each other, give each other complements, and the moment you turn your face around they start bitching about you.
I was telling my sister that we had professional jealousy and we would just (just in case meaning) be true and wouldn’t lie about it.

But now days it’s so difficult to know your friends and enemies. Since they become your best friends and deep down they are your enemies.  So I named them frienemies! Be aware of frienemies because you never  know what they are going to take (take with a grain of salt idiom) away? Your position, your husband, or maybe your everything!!