A Conversation With Finance Minister of Punjab

Well! I did a show today on 92 channel celebrating Women’s day. And was pleasantly surprised to know that the finance minister of Punjab is a Woman.
I asked her that we are paying 17 percent of tax and in return what are the facilities that we get? She said: I think we should stay on the topic of women’s day during the Live transmission.
In the West if people pay taxes, they get Free Medical, Free Education & many other basic necessities of life. But what are we are getting in return ? When we are paying 17% tax on everything we buy or eat. Then I asked if you could please pass a bill so we can get some budget from government to make movies that Can Show a Positive Image of Pakistan? The answer to that was:

Why don’t you go and ask the multinational companies they have a lot of money they can invest?

So did she try to say that Punjab Government doesn’t have money to invest in movies or anything productive which can show a softer image of Pakistan ? Hmmmm Let’s Just Keep on Making Flyovers but not anything to show a softer image of Pakistan to the world. 😉

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