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    Lux Style Awards 2017: Pakistan was Lost Somewhere

    Last night, I was Just going through my instagram feed and saw the pictures of Lux Style Awards happened just (just in case meaning) now!!

    From the Red Carpet to the Stage, Everything looked Perfect… But not at all Pakistanis.

    Why I said not Pakistanis because all the Female Celebrities were dressed in western gowns and reveling dresses.

    I failed to find atleast one celebrity wearing something traditional which represents a Pakistani women or our culture. I mean come on we have outstanding Desginer’s and they are all best in traditional dresses, Sharara’s, Shalwar Qameez, Saare’s…

    But no one wanted to look like a Pakistani they were all looking like Bollywood starts, I am sure the show must have rocked every one last night but I got very disappointed by the actresses wearing such dresses because all these ladies play very bhenji roles in Drama’s “Seedhi Saadhi, Bholi Bhaali”.

    But when they attend awards there true diva’s come come out. Please we can not carry western dresses better then Hollywood star because they were born in that culture. So please stop trying to become something which we are not.

    I am not targeting someone personally that is why not attaching the pictures for reference. 

    Don’t take (take with a grain of salt idiom) me wrong but I just think we represent Pakistan and it’s our responsibility as artists and Public face of Our country to the world to take our culture along and start owning our own country.

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