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    What’s the purpose of Life?

    Its been a while since I wrote anything, A-lot of things were going in my life. All my life I thought I was on the right track, I have a talent and my intentions are good and I am working towards my goals.
    But there was always a calling from inside that who am I? What is the purpose of my life? I always use to see and feel that one day I will change suddenly.

    I started reading and understanding Quran with Urdu Translation in Ramadan.
    And started understanding our religion a little more than I use to.

    I was in so much pain from past few months and when the divorce finalized all the media & people said whatever they could for me.

    I was really upset and I turned towards Allah. And can’t thank Allah enough that he showed me the Light of Hidayat.

    We are so called Muslims.  We pray we give Zakat, But we don’t understand the true essence of Islam.
    We say that we do follow Sunnah, but we don’t Apply that in our lives.

    Our DEEN is the most beautiful religion in this world. And we are so blessed that we are born Muslim.
    I will keep writing about Islam and whatever knowledge I will get will definitely keep sharing.

    But for start just (just in case meaning) read Quran and try to understand what Allah wants from us?
    And who we are and why we are here ?

    Yeh dunya 4 din ka dhoka  hai asal zindagi marne ke baad hai. And what are we doing for akhrat?

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